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ID Check: Guidelines for Visitor Passes
The CTA Security & Safety Committee (S&S) works with the Gatehouse to enforce the long-standing policy of checking for valid Driver’s Licenses of visitors, workers, and residents at the visitor gate. This policy is in place to protect CTA roads and common elements for the use and enjoyment of CT residents. Therefore, it is presumed that a person with a valid Driver’s License also carries a state-required insurance policy for liability. CT Residents are tasked with communicating this policy to their visitors/guests and workers/contractors.


Incident Reports: [email protected]
  • EMS visits,
  • Security patrols,
  • Accidents,
  • Break-ins/thefts,
  • Property damage
The CTA Security and Safety Committee (S&S) receives a monthly security log of incidents within Carolina Trace, reported to the Gatehouse. The report provides an operational baseline for staffing, support, patrols, etc.  Additionally, S&S uses that information to work with the appropriate authorities, communicate safety awareness, and encourage precautions for securing property. Report incidents to the gatehouse after calling 911, where necessary.

wMWJ25NcXRoSWQd1.jpgRegister For Code Red Emergency Notification! SgOoLXBBSo795STr.jpg8FnL0CmNyGlW4RrM.png**Alerts affecting only Lee County will be sent with the Code Red Service.**


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